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Get a short introduction about the training and the purpose of this online dojo. We are really excited to share all this with you.

Karate training programs that will keep you fit when you can't go to your dojo

  • ON THE GO - Short classes in low to high intensivity
  • KATA practice 
  • BUNKAI - solo practice

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You can keep fit and keep up your karate standard in only 10-15 minutes training programs.

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  • "ON THE GO" programs - short and intense
  • KATA - with counting
  • KATA - walk through
  • KATA - walk through the stance
  • KATA- follow along at full power
  • BUNKAI - solo practice

You should be pretty sweaty after finishing an "ON THE GO" program just give your best.

The Purpose

The nice feeling of training together

The idea to this online dojo came from requests from students travelling a lot, spending time in hotel rooms wanting to train. There are many options for training apps etc but not a serious one where you can have your daily exercise and at the same time keep yourself on track with your karate techniques... Here we are.

We do not claim that what we do is the correct way, but technically we strive to be as true to all that we have learned over the years from Higaonna Sensei and all the Seniors of IOGKF. 

Please use the videos as much as you like in your daily training routine. Let yourself be guided through a high intensive training session, train a specific kata or get inspiration for how to build up your own training drills.

Who is


LookListenSweat.com is an international online dojo with training sessions led by Sensei Torben Svendsen 7. dan IOGKF and Sensei Jakob Kold 6. dan IOGKF.

All together both senseis has been training karate for more than 80 years. The eager of seeking knowledge and perfect their karate shows in the participating in hundreds of Gasshukus all over the world and visiting Higaonna Sensei in Okinawa 2-3 times a year.

They both run their own dojos in Denmark with more than 150 students each.

The online dojo was established by Sensei Torben Svendsen, Sensei Jakob Kold and Sempai Morten Raarup.

The concept

The words of Higaonna Sensei

The idea to the name of this online dojo is "stolen" from hearing it said by Higaonna Sensei during many a training session in Higaonna dojo, Okinawa; the way to learn karate is to:

- LOOK at your sensei and other seniors

- LISTEN to your sensei and other seniors

- SWEAT - train again and again - 

Your teachers at LookListenSweat

Just a few demos and teachings from Youtube

Masters Demo Okinawa 2019

Renzoku bunkai training from Gekisai dai Ichi to Pechurin

Masters Demo Okinawa 2016

Kakie and Pechurin Renzoku bunkai

Masters Demo Okinawa 2012

Kata excerpts and Renzoku bunkai Gekisai dai Ichi to Pechurin

"ON THE GO" programs

The different "fit" classes are designed for you to train your stamina whilst practising your karate basics.

The idea and of the classes is lyeing solely on our shoulders.


The katas shown are our interpertation of how the Goju-Ryu kata should be performed. It is important to mention that we do not proclaim that this is the correct way and we also appologise for the mistakes we make.

We are continuesly learning

Karate is a lifetime study...

EuroAsia Gasshuku, Ukraine 2011

Basic Bunkai and Oyo Bunkai - Gekisai dai Ichi to Pechurin

Masters Demo Okinawa 2008

Kururunfa + Kururunfa Renzoku Bunkai

(Performed "old style" with pants only)


All the bunkai shown are our way of performing them. It is not necesarily the way you should perform them for a grading. Use this as an inspiration both for how to do bunkai and how you can train them by yourself.

It is important to mention that we do not proclaim that this is the correct way and we also appologise for the mistakes we make.

We are continuesly learning

Karate is a lifetime study...

Okinawa Dento Karate Gishiki 2019

Sensei Torben teaching bunkai principles for all styles group

Russia Gasshuku, Moscow 2010

Sensei Jakob teaching rush techniques.

Italy Gasshuku, Rome 2019

Sensei Torben teaching Sanseru

Russia Gasshuku, Moscow 2010

Sensei Jakob teaching Sepai bunkai


These videos does not substitute your regular training in the dojo with your Sensei...

The training videos are only meant to keep you fit when you can't go to the dojo or as an extra little training session for yourself in between regular dojo classes.


Your own responsibility:

  • We can not take any responsibility for any accidential injuries induced during your practice. 
  • Following the training videos on looklistensweat.com is on your own responsibility. 

Stay Safe

Stay Fit

Keep training

Before you start the training:

  • Make sure you are physically fit when training.
  • Make sure you have the space required.
  • Always train according to your ability.